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Marinas HAZWOPER Coastal Waters Inland Inland Waters Ext. Cold Weather Annual Refresher



The Oil Pollution Act of 1990 - Operations Level for Oil/Petroleum Products Spill Response - 4 Days/40 Hours

This Course teaches the skills required to Properly Plan For, Respond To, Manage and Clean Up Oil/Petroleum Products Spills which occur in Harbors, Lightering Facilities, Marine Terminals, Coastal and Open Waters.

Emphasis is placed on the Selection and Use of Marine Response Techniques and Utilization of Marine Oil Spill Response Equipment, Materials, and Manpower for Coastal Waters Oil Spill Response Containment, Recovery and Cleanup in Coastal and Open Waters.

40 Hours of Classroom Instruction and "Hands-on" Field Exercises are conducted over 5 Days. Training culminates in a Full Scale Oil/Petroleum Products Response Exercise.

This Course is offered on a Company Specific Basis Only at both the Operations and HazMat Technician Levels.

Course Contents:
  • Boom Design and Construction

  • Open Water Boom Deployment Techniques

  • Applicable Governmental Regulations

  • Homeland Security

  • Oil Skimmers Selection and Usage

  • Oil Sorbents and Chemical Agents

  • Calm Water Boom Deployment Techniques

  • Near Shore (Swift Water) Boom Techniques

  • Incident Command System

  • Documentation Procedures

  • Dispersants and their Applications

Field Exercises:
  • Calm Water Boom Deployment

  • Near Shore (Swift Water) Booming

  • Rope Knot Tying

  • Open Water Boom Deployment

  • Boat Handling & Boom Towing

  • Oil Skimmer Operations

  • Coastal Waters Oil Spill Simulation


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