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DOWCAR Environmental Management, Inc. provides complete Worldwide Oil/Hazardous Material Emergency Response Consulting and Management Services from Environmental and Equipment Site Assessment, to Development of Facility Response Plans (Oil Spill Contingency) as required by OPA'90 and Various State and Federal Environmental Protection Laws.

Environmental Consultations:
  • OPA'90 - Oil Spill Facility Response Plans

  • DOT, OSHA, SPCC and State Emergency Response Plans

  • Integrated Contingency Plans - One Plans

  • Geographical Response Plans

  • Spill Site Assessments and Evaluations

  • Spill Response Strategies and Recommendations

  • Oil Spill Equipment Usage and Placement Assessments

  • Regulatory Interpretation and Compliance

We Support your Spill Response Organization by Providing Oil Spill Response Technical Expertise from Boom Deployment to Containment, Recovery to Cleanup, Shoreline Restoration to Waste Disposal, Spill Trajectory Analysis to Media Relations.  We can even Provide the Entire Spill Management Team, including the Qualified Individual to run your Emergency Response Incident.

Spill Response Management:

  • Qualified Individuals

  • Spill Management Team -  All Positions

  • Technical Specialists - All disciplines

  • Governmental Liaison

  • Media Relations

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