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Marinas HAZWOPER Coastal Waters Inland Inland Waters Ext. Cold Weather Annual Refresher



OPA'90 and OSHA 1910.120 HAZWOPER Compliance - Hazardous Materials Technician Level - 4 Days/40 Hours

This Course is designed to Prepare and Assist Marinas and Other Waterside Fueling Facilities with the Prevention and Control of Oil Spills.  This Course covers the Governmental Regulations for Marinas, the Appropriate Containment and Diversionary Techniques that can be Utilized in the event of a Spill or during Transfer Operations.   

40 Hours of Classroom Instruction and "Hands-on" Exercises are conducted over 5 Days.  Training culminates in a Full Scale Oil/Petroleum Products Response Exercise.  This Course is offered Only on a Company Specific Basis.

Course Contents:
  • Boom Design and Construction

  • Lake/ Open Water Boom Deployment Techniques 

  • Incident/Unified Command System

  • Applicable Governmental Regulations

  • Homeland Security

  • Fast Water Boom Deployment Techniques

  • Properties of Oil/Hazardous Substances

  • Toxicological Terminology and Behavior

  • Personal Protective Equipment

  • Decontamination Procedures

  • Oil Skimmers Selection and Use

  • Field Monitoring and Detection

  • Oil Sorbents and Chemical Agents

  • Oil Spills on Land and Small Waterways

Field Exercises:
  • Lake/Open Water Boom Deployment

  • Boat Handling and Boom Towing

  • Breathing Apparatus Demonstration

  • Boom Deployment Exercises

  • Protective Breathing Exercise

  • PPE - Levels B/C Decontamination

  • River/Channel/Canal Boom Deployment 


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