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Qualified Individual Spill Mgmt. Team Equip. Deployment



OPA'90 Compliance  - Annual Spill Management Team Tabletop Exercises in Accordance with the National Preparedness for Response Program (PREP)

This Exercise is designed  to have the Spill Management Team Practice With and Successfully Utilize the Company's Facility Response Plan to Conduct and Support an Effective Response to an Oil Spill Incident.

Spill Management Teams work within the framework of the Incident Command System (ICS) to Learn to Manage Events and Solve Problem Situations Surrounding an Emergency Oil Spill Response Incident.  Participants are Trained according to their Functional Roles within their Company's Oil Spill Response Organization in one of the .  Five Major ICS Functions of Command, Operations, Planning, Logistics and Finance & Administration.

The Goal is to Train Team Members so the Team can Function as a Coordinated Unit and Direct the Overall Cleanup Activities and/or Preventive Measures in an Effective and Timely Manner.


An Initial Planning Meeting is held at the Client Facilities to Develop the Tabletop Exercise Incident Scenario, Review the Client's Facility Response Plan and Spill Management Team Organizational Structure, Select the Exercise Facilities to be used and Establish the Spill Management Team Tabletop Exercise Schedule.

Scenario/Exercise Design:

Realistic Scenarios are Developed based on Incidents which could occur at Client Facilities.  Scenarios may include Oil Spill Incidents involving Vessels, Marine/River Terminals, Facilities, Pipelines, Tank Truck Rollovers, Offshore Facilities, Etc.

Spill Management Team Participation:

All Participants in the Spill Management Team Tabletop Exercise are organized according to the Specific Role they would Perform in the Client's ICS Emergency Response Organization.

The Prepared Scenario is introduced and the Client's Spill Management Team Initiates its Response Procedures based on its Facility Response Plan.  Periodically Events and/or Problems are Interjected into the Scenario directed at specific Functional Areas of the Client's Spill Management Team.

This Course is offered Only a Company Specific Basis.

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